Let me tell you a story!

I guess I waited for the right moment to write to “You”…”You ” I define it as whoever is intrested to listen…So listen to this…

A good friend of mine told me once :” You are a storm of emotions!” Somehow I didn’t undersand: How is possible you to tell me that?? Anyway .. I will tell you more later! bling bling 🙂

But… life is giving you experiences to ” wake up” ..What means to you “wake up” ? I believe in :whatever  matters to you and being honest with yourself, the ” rest ” is just a cheap joke.

Let me tell you a story ! that’s the subject : I always felt lonely, not because I have reasons to feel like that , but because people around me manipulated me to feel like that -in time I discovered  something about myself :Either you love me or you hate me !

I always felt I never belonged to this world..and I guess just now I accepted my ” reality” to some extend … Everybody is scared , either to be lonely ( and settle for convinient relationships ) or just running  away from emotions..Why to run? At some point in your life you are coming back , because you feel it…

I love to feel scared , I love  when I don’t know what will happen and I love just to say whatever is crossing my mind and express what I feel..Who decides what is wrong?Nobody!! and now I’m coming back: Either you love me or just running away! :))

If you don’t understand your emotions , you cannot understand other’s feelings, but it’s fine : One day you are coming back …Because your soul voice is stronger than your mind set. See you in another life , when both of us we will be more awake!

and yes : I miss you !

With Love, G!